Zonya (Female Titan)

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Zonya (Female Titan)

Post by =3Admin on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:33 am

Zonya is the titan of wisdom and mercy, known to be the only titan that is completely blind in both eyes. She holds herself and her standards high, she values manners and has a very low tolerance for disrespect. One of the few titan's to be worship as a god, she has a shrine dedicated to her in the city of Elara, one of the largest cities in Sector C. Many traders and merchants bring expensive goods to lay at her shrine in hopes she will bless their business. There is a legend that tells of a greedy man that stole a silver hair pin from under her shrine and sold it to start his own business; however, after a few months of great success all his crops begun to die and his family grew sick. He went to her shrine and beg for forgiveness, he then laid down the hair pin which he had bought back and all the money he had accumulated up to that point. Grief ridden and sick he fainted in front of the shrine and did not wake up until the next day; however, when he had came too all his money was gone along with the hair pin. He no longer felt sick and rushed home, when he arrived his family had become healthy again over night.


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