Lichelle (Female Titan)

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Lichelle (Female Titan)

Post by =3Admin on Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:42 pm

Lichelle titan of mischief and curiosity, she is among the youngest of the titans and is treated much like a little sister by them. She is known to play tricks on many of her brothers and sisters and relishes in their torment. She has a natural curiosity for all creatures, mixed beings in particular. Her memory is sharp and after skimming any book it is said she can remember everything in it, down to the very word on the page and the page number. Though she has not been around long enough to spawn much of a legacy , it is believed she became a titan by tricking a god into transforming her into one. She is an elusive titan, and does not remind in one area; however, it is said if she is ever seen, trouble is not far behind her.


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