How do I post a queshion?

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How do I post a queshion?

Post by =3Admin on Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:55 pm

=3 Easily you go to the main page and click the heading that reads (Q&A). It will then take you to the page where all you have to do is click (New Topic) button, and then you will taken to a new page to post. Here you will be asked to make a title (Which should be the question your asking or something like that) and then post in details in a paragraph what the bigger issue is. :3 Donkey stole your girlfriend and is now asking for her hand in marriage? Below is one example on how to response.

Mule stole my girl now wants my world, what do?

Mule was my best buddy and we grew up together and knew I liked Sasha and then he goes on and ask her out! That ass! Now he wants my blessing and I just don't know if I should? Is it Illegal to kill that mule?


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