City of Pailridge

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City of Pailridge

Post by =3Admin on Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:29 pm

The sun shines brightly down on the town of Pailridge, as the early birds wake up to begin their daily chores and go to work. The city is bustling, the ash soaked walls of the train tunnels rumble as the morning train whistles loudly as it makes it back into the station. Screeching to a halt the train shakes, the lights flicker a bit over head and the train is bathed in another black cloud of smoke as its engines wheezes in exhaustion. The doors slide opening and the people hurray out pushing with more strength then a flooded river, the travelers on the train are pushed and squished as they exit the train. The sun bakes the ground they walk on, as the heat of the city breathe life into this old town. The train station offers little comfort for travelers and has only a small help desk, where a elfin man sleeps, and a help wanted board posted only a few feet away, papers dangle from the loosely placed pins. Here is where our story begins....................................


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