Nyneve (Male Titian)

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Nyneve (Male Titian)

Post by =3Admin on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:34 pm

Nyneve titian of life and nature, protector of forest. This titian despite his fearsome appearance, is known to be more gentle then most. Preferring nature over his human side, he tends to stay closer to the heart of the forest then wonder out near the human world. Sometimes he turns into one of the many creatures of the woods, but keeps a close eye on those that enter. Legend tells that the daughter of the raining ruler at the time had wondered in and got lost in the forest. The story goes on to say that she was somehow guided to safety by a large elk with "pretty" green fur. This story thus has given birth to the village of Nye, named after the titian Nyneve, who they still believes watches over all that is innocent in nature.


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