Creatures of Sector A

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Creatures of Sector A

Post by =3Admin on Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:19 pm


Standing between one and two feet tall, ParieGliders are some of the smallest hunters in Sector A. They come in a verity of types and colors and hunt mostly smaller lizards. Their scales have the ability to shape shift into other plants, with this ability their scales are sought after by many alchemist; however, obtaining a scale is no easy task.

Tamed: ParieGliders are excellent pesk controllers when it comes to crops and gardens. Their wide eyes make it easier for them to notice the slightest bit of moment and even sense small shifts in the air.

Wild: Using their ability to blend in, these creatures prefer to hide among the natural plant life. They tend to just flee from humans and do not appear to be very aggressive

Location: Though they are a common creature among Sector A, it is extremely hard to spot them, due to their blending in skills.


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